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SalesApp: get the joy back in sales and distribution management

SalesApp is a mobile workforce management software that empowers your sales and distribution team by allowing them to take orders on the move. But, this is not all it does.

SalesApp workforce management software works for all kinds of sales and/ or distribution models and is flexible enough for all sorts of mobile workforce management processes. Direct order taking, sample distribution… in conjunction with the order fulfillment and logistics or standalone, if you prefer.


Large number of SKUs/ or frequent changes in SKUs?

No problem, upload the latest product list in the back-end and it is instantaneously updated to all the sales people- no need to re-print DSR forms!

No need to have backend folks uploading DSR forms into your order taking system, either! Orders get transmitted instantaneously and get to the right level- the distributor or even through and approval loop if you want.

Run reports and go deep inside your channel- to identify even shop level performance, see gaps between orders and supply and remove channel conflict before they get serious. Make efficient visit schedule plan and identify optimum visit frequency for each market.

Measure performance

Know who is pulling his weight and who is not. At all levels, geographies, people, entities.

Communicate schemes

Instant Notification display on each sales Executive mobile screen for all new schemes.

Sales is serious stuff

Simple as it looks, SalesApp runs on a secure server and we provide support, customization and optionally integration to other enterprise software that is running at your backend.

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