Field service management- technician deployment

Some field service management issues we have tried to solve

Technician deployment for field service

field-serviceThe first task in field service management are logging and assigning call to a technician, ensuring he is informed and able to attend to the call. In case he is already busy or loaded or simply located too far away, the manager needs to be able to re-deploy the technician.

Technician deployment is critical. Wrong assignment can cost in money, employee morale and customer satisfaction. No wonder the service HQ of most companies look like a war-room. With harried supervisors constantly on the phone, tracking their people- ensuring the calls are attended to and monitoring progress. Balancing workload of their people is important too.

Elegant solution to Technician deployment in field

Accept or reject callsWhen a customer calls the call centre to log a complaint, the moment the call centre logs the complaint in the CRM, a few things happen:

  • the Technician gets a SMS alert with the installation address
  • the list of pending calls in his mobile phone (yes, he has an app) gets updated with this new call.
  • the Technician can accept or reject this call. In the latter case, the manager back in office knows on his dashboard that here’s a call he needs to re-assign to someone else.
  • Now, after the acceptance the Technician proceeds as per the standard operating protocol to the site and attends the call. But, let’s focus on the back office for a while.

In the back office, the supervisor view

  • The manager gets a view into all open tickets: those that are assigned but not yet accepted, those that have been rejected- so need to be re-assigned, those that are accepted but no action has been initiated- so now, he can call the Technician and find out. Oh, BTW, you can turn on GPS tracking if you want- so you know where your Technicians are at any given point.
  • The manager also sees – when it comes to Technician deployment- which technician has a relatively lighter workload so he can, assign the call to him for faster resolution.


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