Sales distribution software on web and mobile

Software solutions that help run your sales and product distribution- over a large geography, multiple tiers and territories.

SALES Distribution Management software

Running a team of sales people? Wondering where they are, what they are doing, how many calls did they do?

Salesapp is a mobile app for Android device. This Sales Distribution software helps you stay in touch with your team- assigning them work even when they are on the move and getting regular updates to you as they move from one call to another.
SalesApp can be configured easily for various usage scenarios and industries- from FMCG to Pharma to Publishing.

Orders: collect and correlate

Have you wanted to measure the gap between your primary sales numbers and the tertiary and secondary ones?

Salesapp Sales Distribution Software completes the cycle. With the orders picked up on mobile phone from the retailers sent straight to the distributors, they can now relay their orders to the stockists (or direct to company) at a fraction of the time. And, the company has full visibility of each stage of the stock movement- allowing for effective channel intervention.

price changes and promotions

Price change? New products? Seasonal promotions?
Roll out the changes, communicate promotions and schemes as they are announced. Your people will get the news on the field- pushed to them through the app.


Comprehensive customer relationship management for business