Sales and marketing process consultancy, software

Saleswah CRM help​s​ run your sales​ and ​ marketing​ teams selling to other businesses, profitably.

Sales AND MARKETING Software platform

We have developed our own platform for managing customer interactions with other businesses. With Saleswah CRM, you can leverage contact interactions for business. Manage your business relationships; scheduling, tracking and monitoring of activities and sales opportunities.

If your business sells to other businesses, Saleswah CRM is what you need. Catering to the needs of today’s mobile professional, Saleswah allows access to your customer data on the move- with apps on Android, Windows phone and desktop.

We can help with your sales and marketing process improvement

Want to streamline your sales and marketing process?

We can help analyse your existing sales and marketing process, document it, suggest improvements and create efficiencies. If you are looking to automate your sales process and need someone to draw up the specs, call us.

If you have legacy software and want help in either connecting to it or migrating from there, call us. We will be happy to work with your team to make it happen.

We can help software enable your Sales and marketing

If your business sells to other businesses, call us. We understand what it takes for you to succeed.

We analyse your sales and marketing process, understand your desired outcome and the metrics you are seeking to measure. Then we analyse the gaps and suggest solutions. And, we can step in and help realise your vision. It helps that we have a comprehensive software platform- but, we are as happy to suggest a solution that does not involve Saleswah.


Comprehensive customer relationship management for business