Mobile workforce management : use cases

How our clients perform mobile workforce management

Most of our clients have teams that work in remote. It is not unusual for the teams stay mostly out of the office and communicate only sporadically. They perform crucial customer facing functions: sales, customer support and product delivery.

They all use our mobile and web based mobile workforce management tools.

Field sales reports

One client uses our mobile tools for simply reporting visit data from the field. Who did you meet, when and where and what did you talk about and what is the next meeting date.

Another took that product a step forward. They wanted to correlate the visits with the progress in sales opportunities. Plus, in their business, they gave out samples and they wanted to track, who the samples been given to and how that correlated to business going forward.

Picking orders from the field

The other interesting use case of mobile workforce management is that of mobile sales teams picking up orders from the field. We have clients who manage their mobile field teams’ personal journey plan using the software. Dividing the territories, scheduling visits, tracking visits and picking up orders from shops.

Mobile workforce management : scheduling journey plans

The company sends the orders straight to the distributors, who get a consolidated view of the orders they need to place in turn on to the stockist. All through the software: mobile first, cloud first!

Field service Management

Now, this one is huge.

Think nine hundred field service technicians spread across the length and breadth of the country- servicing more than 30000 sites. We have a client who does that; and their team uses our mobile workforce management software.

And, yes. We know 3G connectivity is not available everywhere. No matter. Our app works offline as well. So, work all day in the field and update status of the calls (tickets) in your mobile app. In the evening, get back to “civilization” (!) and sync the data with the server.

Saleswah CRM has always been mobile enabled

Saleswah CRM works on Android and Windows phones. Very soon, it will work on iPhones as well. Saleswah is our enterprise CRM platform. The use cases here are of course different as well.

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