GPS enabled service management

Running GPS enabled service operations

field-serviceImagine peak summer and yourself as the head of customer service of a brand of air-conditioners.

Your resources are strained- your team has fanned out in all parts of the city- attending to calls for installation and servicing breakdowns. A real time update on which technician has how many calls pending is useful.

Knowing the location of the technicians is however a great advantage. Think of a visual map of what the “fault sites” are and where the “assigned technician” is. You can set priorities of the calls, move them around, even re-assign to another technician who is closer and has some slack.

Servicing remote locations?

gps enabled service for remote locationsHere the issue is not so much re-assignment of calls real-time but knowing the whereabouts of your team. We have also seen customers plot the site locations – at the time of first visit – on GPS.

GPS enabled service can help inject urgency and predictability and even security in your service operations.

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