Solving tough problems for your mobile workforce

SalesApp: get the joy back in sales and distribution management SalesApp is a mobile workforce management software that empowers your sales and distribution team by allowing them to take orders on the move. But, this is not all it does. SalesApp workforce

SalesApp Android Demo: Download here

SalesApp Android App for sales productivity If you have a large team of salespeople knocking on doors If you want to get realtime, accurate feedback about where they are and what they are doing. If you want to get realtime

Launching Salesapp: freedom to sell

Are you letting your field teams focus on the customer? Are they spending more time filling up their daily call reports than actually making calls? Do they like it? Do you know where they are during the day? When they

But why isn’t your software like Facebook?

No it is not, and no, it will never be. To be fair, the customer I was demo’ing to, was not asking that we deliver Facebook functionality. He only wanted us to be as intuitive, as easy to use as

The swimming elephant

All mammals swim; but when you think of an elephant, swimming is far from your mind when you describe what it does. An elephant is a land-animal. It can swim and as you can see in the video I have

Comprehensive customer relationship management for business