About us

Anwesha CRM

Anwesha CRM is a software product company; and we specialize in Sales and Marketing Automation Software.

We make sales, distribution and marketing software based out of the National Capital Region of Delhi

Our founders have led large sales and marketing teams internationally in leading multinationals and have also led large software development and maintenance efforts. We are a Microsoft BizSparkTMstartup. We made the top 10 of software products coming out of India in 2010 in the Nasscom®Emergeout Conclave, Bangalore with Salesgenie CRM++.
Saleswah CRM is our flagship product: as sales managers, we always wanted a CRM software which
we could use to manage transactions, processes, teams and opportunities. We wanted a CRM which proactively triggered us about opportunities, rather than expect us to do all the logging and tracking.
Fastock and Salesapp- on mobile, help run large teams engaged in sales, service or distribution of goods. Please contact sales to know more about how we can help your processes.

Meet our CEO

Anindya Chatterjee  (Linkedin |Twitter ) worked for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies- virtually all his life since getting a degree in Electronics Engineering from one of Indian Institutes of Technology in 1986 and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management at Calcutta, India.Anindya Chatterjee, Founder and CEO Anwesha CRM
Anindya spent more than 5 years in Agilent in design, development and deployment of a CRM solution first in India and then across Asia and then spent another 3 years using the product in various Asia wide roles in Sales and Marketing management. Anindya acquired a ringside and even a firsthand view why CRM has a low adoption rate among all the enterprise tools that companies buy.
His personal blog on CRM and marketing aims to distil his experience of working with different stakeholders, with common business objectives but often conflicting business metrics.

“When I feel like reading a darn good book, I go and write it myself”- Alistair McLean . We know the feeling 🙂

Comprehensive customer relationship management for business